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First, a consultant will meet with you or fill out a brief evaluation over the phone. They will discuss what changes are going on in your life and determine what type of Assisted Living Facility will meet your needs. They will then assess what you are able to do independently and will be able determine if you are able to meet the requirements for an Assisted Living Facility. In the event that you do not meet the requirements, we will take the time to discuss further options.

Second, we will discuss your finances to help fit you with the appropriate facility that fits your budget. We will also discuss financial resources that can save you money if you qualify.

Third, we will talk about the area you were most interested in living. Together we will choose 3-4 facilities to tour. We will schedule a tour and view the options we have chosen.

After you have had a chance to discuss the options we have shown you we can help with the medical paperwork to help facilitate your move.

We will also provide excellent referrals for: In-Home Care Agencies, Moving companies, Elder law Attorneys, Estate Planners, Veteran's Assistance, and Skilled Nursing Homes.

​We are here to ease your transition.

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